Artist: Margarita Felis




64/1 Peterburgskoye sh.,

11.00 - 19.00

Entrance: free


Art is initially free the same way as animals are free in their natural habitat. All the restrictions are imposed to the art by the audience trying to limit arts by the cage of their apprehension – within the boundaries of their understanding. The point of contact of the artist with the audience brings new senses: not implied by the author, but introduced by the audience.  


The senses form limitations, which depend on the perceptive capability and width of views of the audience. This leads to consumer attitude towards the art: entertain me, come useful.


A man interacts with an animal in the same manner. In the contact point a man usually attributes wild creatures with extrinsic senses: toys, finery, clothes, source of raw materials or product.  By limiting the initial freedom, area and lifetime of an animal influenced by a human, homo sapiens shows consumer attitude: entertain me, come useful.


We suggest our audience to pull the situation inside out and experience the position of being in captivity – the opposite position, when surrounded by free animals speaking a language of free art, a human can understand that he is looking at them from the behind the bars of his own limitations.



Convention and Exhibition Centre “Expoforum”, passage (free access area)

Total area 280 sq.m.


Participation in the exhibition:

Exhibiting for the artists is free, on a competitive basis.

Conditions of participation: 
-the following creations of art are considered acceptable: easel graphic works, sculpture (except small statuary), art objects;

- works should comply with the “contemporary art” concept;

 - narrative, symbolic and associative works of art are preferred over portraits of animals;
- dimensions of paintings and graphics are minimum 50х70 cm and not higher than 200 cm;
- the selected works are accepted as follows:

paintings – with no frames or with simple and light frames,  

graphics – only with protective plastic (and no glass).  

Exhibit transportation to and from Saint-Petersburg is paid by the artist (author).

All the participants of the exhibition receive International festival certificate and 1 festival catalogue for free.


To submit an application:

Application date is 15 August 2017 23.59.59 (Moscow time)

Please, send your applications to sealbelek@gmail.com

For Mrs. Marina Krasilnikova, the project curator

Margarita Felis
Екатерина Удовик
Любовь Иночкина